Journey Back to Fit

So I made this banner (the one you see above) for my new fitness blog (the one you are now reading), depicting me as a runner, when in fact I currently am no longer one (tear), at least not right now. I stopped running pretty much around June of 2012. While I would maybe still go for a run about once a month after that, trying to reclaim my glory days, it never stuck. These days I’m quite disappointed in myself. I hope to return one day to that same level of fitness. However, right now, I am 3 months pregnant and my current goal is to become as fit as I possibly can while doing it safely. It’s not even what I’ve lost (muscle tone) but what I have gained (a whoooole lot of weight).

In the past I had a running blog that was probably quite boring, so much so that i didn’t even care much about writing it. This time my “fitness” blog will be more like my journal, documenting my journey back to the running world.

Hope you come back to share my experiences! Enjoy!